Veteran artists help heal a war-scarred world

roman baca at tedx san antonio

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Veteran Artist Program: The Home Show

lincoln Center

Roman Baca on how serving in the U.S. Marine Corps also helped him make a difference through dance. Baca and other military veteran artists share their work Nov. 12 in "Veteran Artist Program: The Home Show," part of the Lincoln Center Veterans Initiative.

a marine returns to iraq, with ballet

the daily beast

After serving at Fallujah, choreographer Roman Baca channeled his military experience into provocative dance performances.

Dancing about war: veteran Roman Baca and "Conflicted"

jingnan peng

Exit12 performs at the Veteran's Artist Program Home Show at Lincoln Center.

Exit12 during the creation of sometimes, silence


Periplus is a transoceanic route through community arts (both music and interdisciplinary projects) lead by Comusitària across five continents. It aims to disseminate knowledge and enhance the visibility of education, social and artistic initiatives by critically analyzing the synergies which arise from connections in these three fields.


American Homecomings Profile on Exit12

digital first media

Video by Peter Hvizdak, Story by Jim Shelton

Marine creates ballet about Iraq War


Roman Baca, Founder, Exit 12 Dance Company. Roman Baca's ballet is called "The Homecoming". Girlfriend encouraged him to follow dreams after war. Baca served in Fallujah, Iraq from 2005-2006.