Honoring the Ghosts is a dance and poetry performance that explores the trauma of war and the subsequent healing that is possible through the arts. Stanford's Dr. Alex Nemerov reads Walt Whitman's Civil War poetry and Roman Baca leads his dance company, Exit 12 in a moving performance held in Stanford's Dinklespiel Auditorium.


west point military academy

Exit12 performs for cadets and a group from Vassar College in the Haig Room at West Point Military Academy, NY.


Montgomery College's Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia

Montgomery College's Frank Islam Athenaeum Symposia series welcomes the Exit 12 Dance Company under the artistic direction of it's creator Roman Baca. A former marine, his choreography is filled with military metaphors that evoke meaningful dialogue.

Agressed/this is war

collaboration with Warrior writers, nyc

Ray Medina, Michael Day, and Roman Baca collaborate to combine poetry, music, and movement, during a Memorial Day Tribute in NYC. Dancers; Adrienne Cousineau, Meaghan Doherty

double jeu 

kat wildish showcase, NYC

Choreography:  Marie Lorene Fichaux   Dancers:  Maggie Napoli, David Claps, Aaron Atkins, Jennifer Cadden, Adrienne de la Fuente, Paige Grimard, Lisa Fitzgerald


intrepid air, sea, and space museum, nyc

The New York Times: Exit 12 Dance Company (Saturday) In honor of Fleet Week, the troupe performs “Homecoming” on the Intrepid flight deck. A veteran of the Iraq War, Roman Baca served as a Marine in Falluja, and his company’s repertory emphasizes wartime experiences. “Homecoming,” an unusual union of dance and topicality, depicts scenarios in which people who have seen their loved ones go off to battle and have either embraced them on their return or mourned their loss.